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Portray and Position Perfectly Seamlessly replicate objects and place them exactly using latitude and longitude. Glorious Graticules Easily formulate a grid of lines displaying the meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude. Add control, segment, and curve points, select shapes, control opacity, and much more. Visualize Create project-specific customized queries based upon unique properties, values, or other related criteria.

Edit your query to meet new project needs, save for ongoing use, or share with colleagues. Explicit Objects Get informed, pain-free. View, numerically edit, and re-apply map attributes that have been assigned to map objects with one simple command.

Shipshape Schematics Perform queries on chosen properties and their values. Achieve ultimate clarity by assigning text labels to map objects with defined settings, such as text format, location, and rotation angle. You can also apply or adjust collision detection settings. Better Buffers Up your proximity analysis game with buffers for objects that are tagged Point, Line, or Area for greater visualization and map utilization.

Source Symbols The Canvas symbol library is packed with an array of symbols from a variety of industries, from medical to energy. Modify or enhance map symbols based on selected or related property values to increase visual appeal, and dynamically replace them at any time to ensure project consistency. Vary the appearance of map objects according to a selected property or a query to create thematic and choropleth maps. Or warp by latitude and longitude.

Canvas X Features Create and share industrial quality technical illustrations and graphic designs with maximum ease and precision from within one fully integrated application. Canvas X is all you need to share your vision. Illustration Sophisticated vector object and raster image handling for refined visual communication Drawing with Precision Canvas X comes loaded with tools and capabilities that allow you to easily create scale drawings, floor plans, architectural designs, and other technical illustrations with measured precision and placement.

Snap objects into exact positions relative to each other, draw from the center points of objects, define the scale for scale drawings, systematically align objects, display size information as you work, and add dimension objects. Thanks to the ability to work with both vector graphics and raster images with the same powerful enhancement tools, Canvas X users are able to create the highest quality outputs while enjoying complete editing control.

Add Objects on the Fly Canvas X comes stocked with a diverse range of commonly used and specialized technical symbols. Or you can create your own from any vector, text, composite, or paint object, and add it to the Symbol Library. And if you alter a symbol in the palette, all copies of it in the document will change along with it, allowing you to maximize efficiency. Vector Object Versatility Experience complete flexibility while working dynamically with vector objects.

Do more with specialized technologies, such as gradient transparency tools, vector masks, opacity effects, channel masks, and much more. Raise the Bar with Raster Images Design, edit, and upgrade raster images with a variety of industry-leading tools and filters. Form composites, enhance photos, create and deploy transparency effects, paint, clone pixels, and more. Place a 2D view of a 3D object in your document, edit the view, adjust the orientation, rotation, zoom, and lighting.

Purposeful Pasting Paste attributes, paste into Text Flows, paste and replace, and copy and paste images and objects. Render objects by copying and pasting them into selections in paint objects. Paste almost anything into a selection, including a selection of a raster image channel, or a channel mask that is attached to another object.

Draw with Data To satisfy the accuracy demanded by engineering and scientific fields, Canvas X offers complete control over vector object coordinates. Go with the Flow chart Present complex data in visually appealing, logical, and accessible flowcharts.

Avoid having to import static pre-made charts with external spreadsheet programs by creating dynamic charts and tables with data inputted directly into Canvas X. Design Comprehensive design environment for technical creativity with precision and clarity Work within Industry Standards Create dimension objects that fully conform to existing industry and government standards, including: He takes my pain go away together in is clear consent by want your own space part time as a.

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ACDSee Canvas 11 with GIS Module Online Store


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