How to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server cheap?

If you have supplemental questions or have answers to other questions, add them in the thread and ask me to include them. No PMs necessary! Does my Mac support Snow Leopard? This one is really simple to answer.

There are no workarounds and no exceptions. Which version do I need? It depends on what you have now. You can simply upgrade, or via Disk Utility from the menubar within the installer clean install. There are also more expensive family packs for up to 5 computers in the same household. Will my Mac run the full bit experience? You shouldn't care. You really shouldn't. Anything but an Xserve will boot into the bit kernel and extensions per default, and switching to the bit kernel and extensions has no real user benefits, which is the reason that Apple didn't choose it as the default on supported machines.

There are lists on the internet about which machines theoretically can boot into the bit kernel, but best simply ignore those. Even with bit kernel and extensions, a bit processor any intel Mac that's not a Core Solo or Core Duo, i. Should an application require it, a message appears telling you about it. The Mac will then get Rosetta through Software Update, install it and the application should run fine. Will YZ any application still work?

There's a list on the internet that is continually expanded, showing you whether a specific app or tool is running okay on Snow Leopard. If the application in question is not on that list, best look up the developer of the software.

There might be a newer version that works on Snow Leopard, or there might be information about whether or when an update will become available for compatibility with Snow Leopard. Is 10A really the Golden Master? It's buggy! It is the Golden Master, i. And it's not buggy at all. Some people consider the missing bit kernel as the default a bug, but it's not.

Some say Quicktime X is missing preferences, but since there's nothing to be set, there are no settings needed. So that isn't buggy either. As with all "final" software, there are always some bugs still to be found, and Apple will probably fix them with And Apple will continue to fix bugs until they take Snow Leopard off the shelves.

And then they'll still release security updates through Software Update. I have a Quicktime 7 Pro license. What happens to it when I upgrade to Quicktime X is a nice free player which also allows you to trim and export. You'll still be able to use all the pro features of Quicktime 7 Pro for which you've paid for.

However, there won't be anymore "Pro" version enhancements in the future, as it seems. Those days are gone Should I wait for Some people will say yes or even wait for I haven't met a single real bug only a translation glitch or two, but I've already forgotten about them again. But then again: If your current setup works just fine, it probably won't hurt to wait and see what other people say.

Many, many people are calling it the "GM build", which would mean it's the build that's going to be released on DVD. This part makes sense if 10A is indeed the GM build, because it contains iTunes 8. I'm currently using the build on my MacBook Air and am about to plunge into it on my iMac as well. The few seeds before this one felt as final as I needed them to get, but then I'm not the haxie-installing, oldest-software using guy out there, so my chances of getting burned by the new system are a tad more limited.

There seems to be much confusion about which machines will get full bit support and which machines won't. Just so you know: None of my machines has full bit support in Snow Leopard, i. They can still run bit applications, though. Any more news, rumours, ideas, questions?

how to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server cheap?


Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server setup

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