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Adobe does not provide free software to educational institutions. More detailed information is provided in the Photoshop courses and Photoshop Training Bundles. Mac users can run the software titles in Boot Camp mode. Please click here for a link of the hardware requirements - SolidWorks 2012 Essential Training for students price comparison Autodesk software titles. More Content What are the system requirements? In our courses, you will be accessing our VDCI Student Portal and will load the appropriate software for your class onto your own computer. For our courses, you will need to have a computer which supports broadband 10 mbps and which has adequate processing power. Please click here to learn what the computer system requirements are for the software being used in our courses. What is Blueprint Reading? You will learn the different types of standard symbols and abbreviations found on construction drawings. We also spend a fair amount of time describing the information required on drawings in order to be processed through the City or County agencies. Overview of Blueprint Reading Plans are often for technical purposes such as architecture, engineering, or planning. Their purpose in these disciplines is to accurately and unambiguously capture all the geometric features of a site, building, product or component. Plans can also be for presentation or orientation purposes, and as such are often less detailed versions of the former. - SolidWorks 2012 Essential Training for students price comparison


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