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In this article we are going to explore how to use template files to capture feature and object settings that you can Which Should I Buy AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 to start Which Should I Buy AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 new drawing or reference into an existing drawing.

For a successful implementation, the CAD manager or designer can create, update, and distribute template files to all users to ensure a standard and uniform approach to design work. Templates Any new drawing in Civil 3D starts with a default drawing template or a custom template you can create.

Drawing template files are drawings that store styles, settings, layers, and layouts in a drawing including title blocks. Standard Template Process When you create a new drawing based on a drawing template, the new drawing gets a copy of the styles in the template, but it is a one-time copy.

The connection is not maintained; therefore, if you update the template it will not update your drawing file. For example, if you update the surface styles in your template and you wanted your drawings to get those same updates, you needed to manually copy or import those changed styles into your drawings.

You can do this by dragging and dropping or selecting the import tab on the Ribbon as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Import styles Templates are also listed under the Drawing Templates collection in the Prospector tree Master View as shown in Figure 2.

Notice the two Civil 3D templates supplied from Autodesk. Figure 2: When you start a new drawing with the New command on the Application menu, you can choose which template you want to use.

Figure 3: The main templates provided We are now going to change the settings of our template file Figure 4. On the palette, move to the Settings tab.

Select Edit Drawing Settings. If you move up and down on this palette there are hundreds of different settings that can be applied to all types of Civil 3D object data. Figure 4: Drawing settings: Establish values for the whole drawing. Feature settings: Control behavior for a feature, such as Surfaces or Parcels. Command settings: Apply to individual commands within a feature, such as the AddParcelAreaLabel command within the Parcels feature.

Figure 5: Figure 6: Edit Drawing settings At the drawing level, the Edit Settings dialog box contains general tabs for the drawing or template as shown in Figure 7.

We do not want to alter Which Should I Buy AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 of these settings except for the Object Layers. Ambient Settings can be altered, but will be overridden by the drawing and feature settings. Figure 7: Drawing settings To illustrate how this works, we will edit one of these settings in the Object Layers section.

We are going to add a suffix to the default label using a wildcard to ensure that our surface is always on the C-Topo- layer with a suffix of the surface name i. Figure 8: Change the value to Suffix.

You have now created a standard for Tin Surface layers in Civil 3D and can implement this process. Explore other options at the drawing settings level to ensure your template is ready to go. Figure 9: For this example, we are going to select the Point Collection. Figure Point Feature settings At the object level, this dialog box also Which Should I Buy AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 object-specific settings, such as default point styles.

In this section we can control how our point label styles are in our drawing as Which Should I Buy AutoCAD Map 3D 2017. If we want all the points to be brought in as a particular style or maker, we can edit these values as our default within our template file. Figure 11 shows the Point Label Style and the dialog box to change the value within the object feature settings. You can also specify command-specific settings. Figure 12 shows us editing the command level settings for a surface.

Command-level setting Layer Standards in Templates Maintaining a standard for the use of layers in your drawing is easier if you have a drawing template with predefined layers, and styles that reference those layers when objects are created. If you want to enforce the standards, you can click the Settings button and activate notifications of standards violations or override such violations.

Now that you have many of your standards in place for your template, we need to ensure that the template is used on new drawings. From the application menu, select New and your open dialog box will be displayed as shown Figure New template Note: Reference Templates New to Civil 3D is a process called reference templates. Drawings can be updated on an ongoing basis Which Should I Buy AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 automatically or manually with changes to the styles in the templates.

We are going to add a reference to our current drawing file Figure Attach Reference Template As we work on our project, changes to the reference templates are pushed to the drawing so it is kept up to date: New or changed styles in reference templates are copied to the drawing. Styles that are deleted from reference templates are removed from the drawing if the styles are not in use. If a style is in use, a local copy of the style is made in the drawing. Select the update button for the template to be added to the drawing.

In the Toolspace Settings tree, styles that have been referenced into the drawing are marked with a paper clip icon as shown in Figure Notice how the surface styles are now being controlled by the reference template and not the drawing settings.

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