Microsoft Expression Web 2 Software Prices

Apart from minor tweaks, such as the ability to automatically alphabeticise HTML properties, the handling of these two pillars is left unchanged and Expression Web 2 now seeks to widen its standards support. In the script First up, and most striking, is the new support for PHP, the popular server-side scripting language for building dynamic web sites. Expression Web 2 now provides full PHP coding support which not only means syntax colour-coding, but also full IntelliSense to help you choose functions and global variables and tooltips to provide information about parameters. Crucially, after you've installed PHP on your system, you can preview pages locally without having to upload your website to a server. The support for PHP will surprise many because Microsoft offers its own rival server-side scripting language. What won't surprise anyone is that Microsoft's support for its own ASP. NET technology goes much deeper - and has been greatly extended in Web 2. The key to this deeper integration is the ability to drag dozens of ASP controls, from AdRotator through to XML, directly onto your page and manage their defining parameters directly in Web's Design view. An important new data handling control has been added in the new sortable, editable and pageable ListView. And Web 2 also now supports custom ASP.

Microsoft Expression Web 2 Software Prices


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