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Steinberg Cubase Steinberg Previous Next Steinberg has released Cubase The major update of the popular DAW comes with many new features and workflow improvements, including the new Spectral Comparison EQ, Padshop 2, coloured mixer channels and improved video capabilities.

But the company already has the next major release ready. It includes many new features, some of which bring Cubase It lets you route a second signal from another track into the EQ and compare the spectral curves. New video render and export features Cubase is a favourite among people who write music to picture, and Steinberg has made it much easier to quickly export videos with your music in order to present them to clients. Cubase You can export the whole project or just parts of it, and even include the timecode in the video if needed.

This feature is available in all three versions of Cubase Track import from other projects This is one of those features that may not seem like a big deal, but they are. You can import any combination of the contents of a track, the channel settings, and the automation. Very nice! This feature is exclusive to the Pro version of Cubase Mixer colours Padshop 2 Coloured mixer channels Cubase In big projects, that can speed things up considerably.

All three versions of Cubase MultiTap Delay Another new plug-in that comes with Cubase With up to eight taps per delay loop and features like saturation, modulation and ducking, it looks like a very capable creative delay. Padshop 2 also adds an arpeggiator section, as well as new presets.

It is available in the Pro and Artist versions. Other new features In addition to these major new features, Cubase These include a revised retrospective MIDI recording feature, which can save your day in case you forgot to press record before putting in your best performance. The Pro and Artist versions get a new combined select tools mode, which combines the two most frequently used tools and lets you use them simultaneously.

The score editor in the Pro version has also received some useful updates; the same goes for the macro creation window. Cubase Pro USD


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